Thursday 12 July - Tour de France à Gouarec

Monsieur le Maire would like the British to be very visible when the Tour de France passes through the centre of Gouarec this year. He has reserved a pole position for AIKB in the centre of town opposite the Crédit Mutuel.

We shall have to decorate the platform they supply and put on some entertainment during the run up to the race. He is hoping that it will be visible from all the helicopters hovering overhead and send shots to televisions all over the world!

To manage this unique occasion and satisfy all concerned, members who help us decorate the platform will have priority for a place to view the race and cheer the cyclists.

We already have some musicians and need more ideas for entertainment.

We will be organizing a meeting to put all this in place, so please call Maggie at the AIKB to sign up.

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August - AIKB Photography Club Annual Photographic Competition

Every year the photography club organizes a photographic competition, which is open to all. The theme this year is “Animals” and the entries will be judged by the public over the weekend of 18th and 19th August. After judging, all the photo entries will stay on show in an exhibition at the AIKB, 3 rue du Sénéchal, 22570 Gouarec, during opening hours until 7th September. In this age of smartphones, we are all photographers, so do have a go!

Entrants may submit up to 2 prints at a cost of €5 or 3 to 4 prints at a cost of €10, with a maximum of 4 prints per person. Entries will be accepted from 3rd July until 14th August inclusive and should be submitted to AIKB (as above). For full details and an entry form, please contact

Sunday 19 August - AIKB Kermesse

This popular annual event gives AIKB members a chance to meet each other and local residents. There is a lot to do for all the family. Browse around our many stalls, which include bric-a-brac and local artisans. There will be games and face-painting for the children and a bar for the grownups! Come and meet our clubs: Art, Photo and la Troupe Arlequin our theatre group. Stop in for a chat at the “Spotlight on Brittany” radio booth to find out what is going on. Relax at the AIKB café, a great choice of food on offer. Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets!

Please contact Maggie to reserve your stall for 5€ and pay in advance. Le Foirail, 22570 Gouarec. The grounds are in the centre of Gouarec near the Blavet, follow the signs. 11am – 5pm. Free entry and parking.

Tuesday 28 August - A floral workshop at Rosiers Anglais

Owen and Sue Cake own a nursey garden with a wide range of David Austin roses. Sue has generously offered to hold her popular floral workshop using cut flowers from the garden to make floral gift posies and table decorations. Sue always has plenty of homemade cakes to keep everyone going – also tips on cuttings and plant division and over wintering techniques.

Please reserve. Meet at the garden in Lostanien, direction Chapelle du Mur at Cleden Poher. 2.30pm. 8€.

Wednesday 5 September - Luxury Picnic chez les Cundy

John and Joan have been the custodians of land at 4 Kermilin for over thirteen years where, snow, storm, disease, uncontrolled growth, drought and beasties had taken their toll. Familiar you may say, you get the picture. However today, transformed over several years we’ll find … a calm rustic domain with … let’s say … much to see and enjoy: along with a story to tell and short walks and a very warm welcome from our hosts. We will provide our traditional luxury picnic with vegetarian options, including wine and coffee.

20€ per person, reservation only, with payment in advance. Please bring your own picnic table and chairs if possible. 4 Kermilin, 22110 Plouguernével.  Plouguernével is a large commune, Kermilin is situated between Rostrenen and Silfiac on the N764.

Tuesday 11 September - A talk: From legends to History and Archaeology

Jean-Claude Even is a historian, author of a book about Guinevere, Princess of Carhaix. Jean Claude will separate legend from fact. It is at the end of the Roman Empire and the Visigoths are the enemy. After winning the Battle of Carhaix, Léodagan gives a banquet for his people and allies, where the brave young King Arthur of Brittany meets and falls in love with Guinevere. As for Merlin, he travels to Bressilien, near Paule where he meets Viviane. Thanks to these encounters, the realm of Brittany was extended with the addition of west Amorica. Jean-Claude Even will give an illustrated talk in English with, when necessary, the help of a translator.

Salle Polyvalente, 22570 Gouarec. 2.30pm. Members 3€, Guests 5€.

Thursday 27 September - A visit to Les Forges les Salles

Les Forges des Salles, a proto-industrial wood-fuelled ironworks, was a hive of activity in the 18th and 19th century, and is well worth a visit today. Situated in the heart of the Quénécan forest, it was a self-contained community. The Forge Manager’s House is surrounded by worker’s cottages, various workshops and a school. We will also have the opportunity to discover some original accommodations that the current owners of Les Forges les Salles have built nearby. These include tree houses and holiday homes on stilts on the lake.

Meet at Forges des Salles, 22570 Perret, at 2.30pm. Guided tour in English. Members 6€50, Guests, 8€.