We did our third Zoom talk last Thursday and judging from the feedback from those who participated it was a very enjoyable event.


Zoom talks are easy to join, and there is help at hand for anyone new to this way of joining in on an event just contact our Board Secretary John Greenlees for guidance.

You can register now for the following talks by email and by sending a payment of 5 euros per event, payable in advance, by cheque or by Paypal to info@aikb.fr. The link to join the talk will then be sent to you by email.

What's Coming Up...

11 March Michael Batt A Story of Tiles

During the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, tiles (but also bricks and cement), mainly manufactured in Bridgwater, Somerset, were imported into northern Brittany. The presence of these tiles provided an opportunity to examine the economic and social context of that period and opened new perspectives concerning cross-channel trade up until the first world war between south-west England, south Wales and Brittany. The presence of these tiles is an interesting witness to our perception and image of local Breton architecture which was always considered to have been only covered by thatch or slate.

25 March Peter Tamplin Bhopal seen from the ground

In 2011 Peter Tamplin and his wife Linda volunteered to spend two months in the Sambhavna Clinic at Bhopal, India, where survivors of the 1984 Union Carbide factory explosion are still being treated for free. The incident remains the world's worst industrial accident but the victims are still waiting for justice. You will learn how the accident happened, the aftermath and how life in Bhopal continues to inspire.

8 April Jane Crisler The COVID vaccine in historical context

"Operation Warp Speed" produced a Corona virus vaccine in less than a year after the first reported case of the viral infection. How does this feat compare with previous vaccine development and how was it accomplished without cutting scientific and safety corners? This 30-minute presentation will be illustrated with slides and video clips. Bibliography and references for further investigation would be provided to participants.

22 April David Worth Conserving Industrial Heritage in the Twenty-First Century

The first part of this talk will briefly introduce the topics of industrial arcaeology and industrial heritage, and then look at the principle organisations involved today in its research and conservation, both in France and internationally. In the second part, the talk will focus on the recent re-use of a derelict century-old grain silo in Cape Town, South Africa. The talk shows how the importance of the site, while the silo complex was still in operation, contributed to the retention and enhancement of its cultural significance as it was re-purposed for its new role as the Zeitz Museum of Comtemporary Art Africa. Designed by renowned British architect Thomas Heatherwick, it opened in 2017 as South Africa's first national museum devoted to contemporary art.

6 May Michael Batt The Roman Aqueduct of Carhaix

Carhaix, probably the most affluent town in Roman Brittany, was unique in having fresh running water supplied ty a 27km long aqueduct. Via an illustrated talk we will follow it's course, look at the techniques used to build it starting from the springs in Paule (Côtes d'Armor) to the centre of town where water was distributed. We will look at four different sites along its course finishing by the remains presented at the interpretation centre 'Vorgium' in Carhaix.

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