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Dear AIKB members,

AIKB's library coordinator, Mandy, informs everyone that the library is once again happy to accept donations of books.

This service, run by volunteers, is open from 2 – 5 pm from Tuesday to Friday and offers a wide range of fiction and a limited number of autobiographical and historical works. 

Members may borrow books for a total of four weeks which can be renewed by email (librarygroup@outlook.com) or in person. However, provision can be made for longer lending periods where necessary if members are unable to visit Gouarec on a frequent basis. 

The library also has a number of books for sale which can be purchased for €1 per book or ‘buy five – get one free’’. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you that have been kind enough to donate books to the library and to thank you for your understanding during the time that we were unfortunately unable to accept any donations.

Please ensure that all books donated are in a good state to either add to our shelves for readers to borrow, or to be sold at the AIKB book sales (Easter Fair, Kermesse, and Christmas Fair).

Quite simply, without your donations, we wouldn’t have a library!

Thanks also to our regular readers that continue to support us and we hope to welcome a few new members in the weeks to come. 

Mandy Newell (Library coordinator)

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